Use of cookies on Decoran 2000

The website uses own or third parties to improve the user browsing, take statistics and manage the advertisements shown to the user. Know more about net privacy on IAB.
What are the cookies and what are they for?

Cookies are small files installed by the user browser in the device ( computer, smartphone, tablet…). Thanks to these the browsing gets easier to the user as it acts as a small memory for the visited webpage. The cookies are associated to an anonimous user and the device and don´t allow to show the user personal details.

Different types of cookies:

– Essential: without them the browsing would be impossible. For example, some allow to know the language of the browser or some even prevent from posible attacts  to the website and users. Their desactivation is not recommended.

– Analytics: these allow to measure the user activity and elaborate browsing statistics. These cookies don´t show the number of visits, browsers, departments from most visited webs…Some of these are:  Google Analytics and ComScore.

How do prevent a website from installing cookies and how can I desactivate them?

You can do several things to prevent the installation of cookies: the “private browsing”. For example:

– Firefox and Chrome: File -> New private window